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2012-05-21 23:27:16 by kclimer13

Thanks to a guy named swagmuffin I got accepted into the ART PORTAL!


2011-06-18 02:05:18 by kclimer13

Say good bye to my summer! Because in the mourning I leave to Guatemala!!!! Cant wait :D


2011-06-13 11:40:53 by kclimer13

Just had a breakthrough with my new game! This will make it epic and one of a kind in the gamefactory world!


2011-06-10 14:37:21 by kclimer13

After the release of epic game I went straight to work on are next game! Where not releasing a lot of details yet(mostly because there aren't any) but the game dose involve a zombies,plenty of shooting, and a nice comet hitting the earth in the beginning of the game! Here is a screen shot! Oh ye and very nice weather effects from are previous games!!!!!!!!!!!

Keep in mind this is a low quality photo, the game is high quality!



2011-05-26 19:45:30 by kclimer13

Yea the reaction test..welp...No one liked it and that was my plan! But guess what I made it in 15min!!!! NONE OF YOU COULD HAVE LOL!!!! and last day of school!!! CANT WAIT! Will be making many games this summer!


2011-03-05 00:36:29 by kclimer13

I finished RAIN SNOW AND WIND 2!!! But it is to big for NG so im working on a compressor don't worry!

But, in the mean time check out this awesome art and suggest me for the PORTAL!

appleRain effect



2011-02-13 14:39:45 by kclimer13

Well I haven't worked a lot this week on Rain Snow and Wind 2 but I will this coming week :D I took a break after I finished snow now I'm hard at work with Wind!!!

Wraping snow up!

2011-02-07 17:21:31 by kclimer13

Well as I wrap the snow part up and put on the finishing touches to it I realized something! People want this as there desktop backround! I consulted with my friend ZuggyBoy about it and we came to the conclusion that it could be done! So hopefully when I start working on Rain,Snow and Wind 3 I could work a Set As desktop background button out or a download file where u could thin set it as ur desktop backround!!! A interactive backround of your favorite pass time? WHY NOT!!!

Are Website!


2011-02-01 15:30:34 by kclimer13

Well as you all know where making a Rain,Snow, and Wind two!!!! Well I'm super exited because I just finished the Rain part! It took me four days to do it to! You can now move the rain left, right, and default down. It only took me about 4 hrs to make the WHOLE FIRST GAME, But considering it took me 4 days just to make the Rain part in the second game, this game will he a hit!!!

PONG EVOLUTION FINAL! New Site design!!!

2011-01-13 20:46:13 by kclimer13

I'm super exited about this game!!! You should be to! Its coming out great, creative, and most of all it will have sound!!! Something the other Pong Evolution games didn't lol! I also got rid of all them crappy random bounces that you all hated!!!!

KCgames1 <----the new website!!! We got a new template!!!

PONG EVOLUTION FINAL! New Site design!!!